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Welcome to Peak Solar!

We’re delighted to welcome you to the brand-new Peak Solar website, where the name of the game is helping you make informed decisions about energy efficiency.

Our mission is to help households across the Northwest cut their energy costs and curb their carbon footprint. From handy hacks and useful tips we aim to share everything you could possibly want to know about energy saving!

We believe that the best way to build an affordable and sustainable future is to improve the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes and channel our efforts into renewable energy.

Our focus at Peak Solar is solar PV systems and we’re recognised as one of the Northwest’s most trusted solar panel installers.

We provide expertise and advice that helps people make the right decisions for their homes, their lifestyle, and their budget. Taking care to ensure we explain our tech, our processes, and the benefits they bring.

Friendly and approachable, we are committed to delivering a reliable and quality led service to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.

We hope you enjoy using our new website. You can share your questions, suggestions and comments by contacting us on or by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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